• Labarre News
  • | 08.29.2018

A Summer at Labarre: What I Learned


Labarre is a Family – Well before I ever stepped foot in the office I felt the family atmosphere. Months before my first day, I attended LSU’s Networking Day where I met Phillip and Travis. I was taken back when they said they remembered me from Networking Day the year prior. Much like with the other companies represented we only had time for a quick chat, exchanged contact information, and went our separate ways. Well after midnight I reached a stopping point on homework, but something was lingering. I remembered Labarre, I remembered that it seemed like I mattered to them.

Take Initiative – Before I went to sleep that night I sent an email to Phillip thanking him for his time and asking for an interview. After a little back-and-forth, I found myself at my first interview for a summer Architecture Intern position. From the moment I walked in it felt like home, everyone I met welcomed me with a smile and displayed a genuine sense of pride in this working environment. When I was offered the position I guess my face said what my mind was thinking – Why? Phillip answered the unasked question, “You were the first person to reach out to us. We like that kind of initiative around the office.” I later found out that our response to our clients is, “We’ll take care of it!” We may not have the answer immediately, but here at Labarre, we take the initiative to get the best results for our clients.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help – My first day in the office, I got to meet everyone and settle in while filling out all the paperwork that goes into a new hire. As soon as I finished I met with the team working on the City of Walker’s New Master Plan. Got a brief introduction to the project, told what the schedule and scope were, and was handed my first assignment. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed, but before I could even make it back to my desk to wonder what I had gotten myself into, I was told by the entire architecture division that if I had any questions I should just ask, and someone would make themselves available to help. At one time or another, every member of the team has taken time out of their busy schedule to lend a helping hand or give advice to help improve my productivity. By the end of the first day I left feeling as though I had learned something new, even now as I near the end of my time here I find myself still getting little tips and tricks – whether they be CAD related, client communications, or something for life in general – the people here at Labarre care and want to help when and however they can. Learning curve, what learning curve?

As my time here comes to a close I feel like I am better prepared to be successful in both the short – this school year – and long term – post-graduate life. I would like to thank all those at Labarre who have treated me like part of the family this summer!