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  • | 07.22.2018

The Light Bulb Story

It all started with a light bulb...

It all started with a light bulb...

Or a chair.

When Jay Labarre walked into Jeff Conrad's office at Pelican State Credit Union, he was coming to talk about a small architectural project. Jeff was cleaning a chair.

"You know someone can do that for you, right?" Jay chided, having been trying to sell Pelican on facility management services for quite some time.

Jeff laughed but said, "You know what has been bugging me is there is a light bulb in the drive through here that has never gotten changed out. I keep bringing it up to our service providers, but they haven't changed it and every day I see that same burnt out light bulb."

"I'll take care of it," Jay said - a promise we make daily.

The meeting went well and afterward Jay called up our call center and asked if a technician was in the area, because Pelican needed a light bulb replaced. Lo and behold there was someone around the corner working on another client's branch. They came around and switched out the light bulb.

When Jay got back to the office, he had a call from Jeff Conrad saying, "I don't know how you did it, but that light bulb is fixed. Go ahead and bring me a contract and I'll sign it."

Such a humble beginning was the start of a larger relationship, of course. Pelican State Credit Union would become one of our "full-service" clients (someone who uses all 4 divisions for real estate, designing buildings, building and renovation branches, and facility management and maintenance) and would even later say that they would "never go back" to our national competitors.

We don't always know what little thing is pestering you, but if you let us know, we bet we can take care of it for you, often quicker than our competitors. Just tell us, and we'll bring a little light.


"A Little Light"